EyeCatcher VR Viewer

Unleash the possibilities of the 3D world with the EyeCatcher

All you need is a smartphone to download the 3D apps of your choice. EyeCatcher is easy to use and suitable for everyone regardless of age. Follow the clear instructions supplied with the product and enjoy 3D adventures!

Custom tailored printing

We provide our customers with tailored imprints on their products. For an offer, please contact us at terhi.weckman@cewet.fi.Products with a company logo are ideal, for example, as promotional giveaways or gifts.

Virtual reality is fast becoming an effective tool for marketing travel. Virtual reality lets you experience a destination in the most realistic way, without you being physically present there. It can be extremely immersive and engaging, and leave users overwhelmed.

Virtual Reality for marketing travel

Examble how to use VR viewer

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